Global Assessment Certificate Program

The Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) is a widely recognized university preparation program for students with English as a second language. It was developed by ACT in conjunction with universities and accrediting bodies around the world to prepare students for university study in English-speaking countries.

VSU accepts GAC program credit
Valdosta State University is one of the GAC program’s Pathway Universities. VSU accepts credit toward a bachelor’s degree for the following courses:

GAC Course Number/Title Credit Awarded and Other Information
GAC 005: Computing I: Intro to Computing for Academic Study

CS 1000:  Introduction to Microcomputers and Applications.  

3 semester hours.

GAC 006: Communication Skills

COMM 1100: Human Communication. 

3 semester hours.

GAC 010:Computing II: Data Management

MATH 2620: Statistical Methods. 

3 semester hours.

GAC 012:Business II: Business Studies

BUSA 2000: Introduction to Business. 

3 semester hours.

GAC 016:Mathematics III: Calculus & Advanced Applications

MATH 2261: Analytic Geometry and Calculus I. 

4 semester hours.

GAC 022:Business III: International Business

BUSA 2XXX: International Business Studies  

3 semester hours

GAC 023:Science

GEOL 1110: Our Hazardous Environment. 

3 semester hours

GAC 027: Social Science II: Identity & Interaction in Society

SOCI 1101: Introduction to Sociology. 

3 semester hours.

GAC 028: Social Science III: Research Skills & Global Issues

PERS 2460: Science and Humanities Exploring the World. 

2 semester hours.

  • Application Requirements & Deadlines: In addition, each student will be awarded 9 semester hours of credit for fluency in a second language.  

Overall high school grade point average of 2.00 or GAC grade point average of 2.00 after Level 3 for admission; present an acceptable score on the TOEFL of 69, OR an IELTS overall score of 6