Frequently Asked Questions

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What testing programs are available?

The Office of Testing administers undergraduate, graduate, and professional exams to students and professionals at Valdosta State and in the surrounding area.

When are exams administered?

You can view available individual testing appointments at the VSU Office of Testing RegisterBlast site or contact the Office of Testing at (229) 245-3878 if you do not see your exam listed.

ACT Test Dates

SAT Test Dates

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments for most exams may be made online through the VSU Office of Testing RegisterBlast siteIf an exam is not listed in RegisterBlast you will have to schedule through the exam sponsor's site. If you need further information and/or instructions regarding making appointments, please contact our office at (229) 245-3878.

Where can I find Accuplacer and Georgia Exemption study materials?

Accuplacer Practice Materials (VSU Undergraduate Admissions may require you to complete the QRAS, Reading, and/or WritePlacer)

Georgia History Exemption Exam Study Outline

Georgia Constitution Exemption Exam Study Outline

How do I make a payment?

Currently, we only accept payments prior to your administration via our TouchNet store (card and electronic check). We are not accepting cash or physical checks at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Are fee waivers available?

Please refer to our page concerning fee waivers.

How can I request more information?

Please contact our office at (229) 245-3878 or through our Contact Us page.

What scores does the Office of Testing keep?

The Office of Testing has access to the following exam scores: Accuplacer, ACT Residual (which may only be used at VSU), and MAT (unofficial score reports). If you would like access to any of these, you may either come to the Office of Testing in person with a valid photo ID, or contact the Office of Testing and request the scores be forwarded to a VSU department or other academic institution (does not apply to MAT). The Office of Testing will never give any score information or other private data over the phone.  

Official Score Reports: Must be acquired directly from the testing organization which oversees a specific exam. If you need information about obtaining official score reports, please contact our office at (229) 245-3878 or through our Contact Us page.

Where is the Office of Testing located?

University Center (Entrance #5), Room 4167. For more information on locating our office please visit Driving Directions & Parking.


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