Legal Assistant Studies Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum) 42 hours  (Required Total)
Core Curriculum F (Courses Appropriate to the Major) 18 hours  (Required Total)
LEAS 1100 Introduction to Paralegalism 3 hours
CRJU 1100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 hours
PHIL 2020 Principles of Logic and Argumentation 3 hours
Foreign Language and Culture* 9 hours
COMM 1100** Human Communication 0-3 hours
Senior College Curriculum 60 hours (Required Total)
ACED 2400 Computer Technology for the Workplace 3 hours
ENGL 3030 Writing for the Legal & Social Science Professions 3 hours
LEAS 3200 Legal Research I 3 hours
LEAS 3201 Legal Research II 3 hours
LEAS 4800 Legal Assistant Studies Capstone 3 hours
LEAS 4900 Internship in Legal Studies 3 hours
LEAS Courses numbered 3000 or above 15 hours
Area of Concentration /elective Courses 27 hours (Required Total)
Area of Concentration 9 hours***
Elective Courses 18 hours****
Total hours for degree 120 hours

Recommended Four-Year Program of Study for Full-Time Students

* If a language course was taken at the high school level  within the last 5 years, then the student must begin with the 1002 level for credit.

** If a language course or PHIL 2020  is taken to meet an Area C requirement, then COMM 1100 must be taken to meet the Area F requirement of 18 hours

*** The concentration must be in a field related to Legal Assistant Studies, and all 9 credit hours must be from courses 3000 or above.

**** A minimum of 3 credit hours from courses 3000 or above.