Legal Assistant Studies Minor

Program Description

Persons electing the minor in Legal Assistant Studies would be individuals whose careers in criminal justice would intersect with the law and legal questions. Also, individuals with this minor may want to work in a practical field to balance their theoretical major (ie: Philosophy and English). Students may want to pursue work as a paralegal in a law office and would like some course work to provide themselves with more of a foundation in this area.

Curriculum for Legal Assistant Studies Minor

LEAS 1100 3 hours
LEAS 3200 3 hours

12 hours from the following courses:

LEAS 3201

LEAS 3210

LEAS 3220

LEAS 3230

LEAS 3240

LEAS 4200

LEAS 4210

LEAS 4220

LEAS 4230

Hours needed for Minor 18 Hours Total