Legal Assistant Studies

Program Description

The Major in Legal Assistant Studies has the central objective of training persons who are anticipating a career in support of the legal profession. The formal course work will lead to an understanding of the fundamental constitutional context of the American legal system. The student will also have the flexibility of choosing from several specific substantive legal subject matters. The completion of the other requirements of the Bachelor of the Arts degree will ensure the broad education expected of the liberal arts. The requirement of a formal minor will ensure additional exposure to a related field. The capstone experience for the major is an internship which will allow the student to explore the practical aspects of a career in the legal profession. Successful completion of the degree will ensure that the student is qualified to take the national certification test for legal assistants.

Selected Outcomes

  1. To prepare students to conduct legal research and apply it in a form and manner that will enable them to support the legal system.
  2. To comprehend and make informed decisions regarding the ethical dilemmas of their profession, in order to understand the cultural values they must serve in the performance of their responsibilities
  3. To understand the American legal system in the manner necessary to enable them to function within that system and support its mission of service to society.


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