Political Science Degree Requirements

Course or Section

Course Descriptions

Hours Required

Core Curriculum Areas A-E

See VSU Core Curriculum

42 hours

Core Curriculum Area F

Course Name

18 hours

PHIL 2020

Principles and Logic of Argumentation               


POLS 2101

Introduction to Political Science                        


POLS 2401

Introduction to Global Issues                                    

3 hours

Foreign Language and Culture

                                                                    9 hours
Senior College Curriculum Course Name
POLS 3100 Scope and Methods of Political Science                 3 hours

POLS 4100

Capstone Course

3 hours

POLS Courses  3000 or above

Course Name

ENGL 3030

Writing for Legal and Social Science                    

3 hours

PHIL 3130 or 4120 or 4220


3 hours
Required Political Science Courses

12 hours

Concentration Area

12 hours

Non-Concentration area in Political Science

15 hours

Minor and/or Elective Courses

Must include at least 6 hrs of courses 3000 or above in a single discipline outside of POLS

21 hours

Total Hours for the Political Science Program

120 Hours

Recommended Four-Year Program of Study for Full-Time Students

The Department assesses the extent to which the program requirements create the desired outcomes by using a variety of techniques. Examples of these assessments (and related educational outcomes) include the following:

Outcome Assessments

  1. Mastery of the material in all required and elective courses in the political science major. As each level serves as a foundation for higher levels, mastery of the core material is requisite to mastery of the major. Outcome #1 is met by successful completion of these courses.
  2. Completion of the capstone experience certifies that a major has met outcome #2, #3, and #4.
  3. An Undergraduate Political Science Major Exit Questionnaire administered to majors by their advisors at the time the majors "check out" for graduation.
  4. Information from the published surveys of students' opinions and alumni perceptions of VSU programs and services conducted by the Office of Institutional Research Planning as well as information from alumni surveys conducted by the Department of Political Science.