Political Science Minor

Program Description:

The opportunity to explore American and World Politics are the key areas for the Political Science minor. The students in this field are widely diverse. Their majors include English, Criminal Justice, Sociology, and History. Students pursuing an English major typically use this minor as a way to pursue journalism. Also, Criminal Justice majors are welcomed to study about the constitutional framework which underpins the criminal justice systems. Sociology majors benefit from courses which deal with the role of citizens and groups in the political system. History majors could find out about more contemporary aspects of history that would supplement their course work.

Curriculum for Political Science Minor

POLS 2101 Introduction to Political Science 3 hours
POLS 2401 Introduction to Global Issues 3 hours
3000-4000 Level Courses * 12 hours

Total Hours for Minor 18 hours
*At least six hours must come from the 4000 level.