Political Science Major

Program Description

The major in Political Science leads to the Bachelor of Arts Degree. Political scientists study government at all stages in their development, the process by which political decisions are made and various matters that affect government behavior. The specific subfields of the discipline include American government and politics, comparative government and politics, international relations, political theory, public law, and public administration. Students majoring in the program have traditionally pursued careers in law, business, teaching, journalism, and government. The study of Political Science is of value in that all persons need an understanding of the political system which governs their lives. More than minimal knowledge of political systems, however is required for those who would be employed by them. The law and public administration, for example are creatures of government and politics. The thirty hour course requirement in the major program permits the students the flexibility to obtain a second major or minor in the other areas of personal and professional interest. Students majoring  in Political Science and Legal Assistant Studies  are able to gain work experience related to their major through the VSU Co-op Program. Such experience may prove valuable in terms of career exploration, acquisition of new skills, and career development. Students seeking more information should contact their academic advisors or the Office of Cooperative Education at (229) 333-7172.

Degree Planning

To help with Degree Planning students are encouraged to review the Department’s Five-Year Course rotation.  In addition, for other questions students can contact our advisor Kyle Rudrow.  Any other questions can be directed toward the Department of Political Science at (229) 333-5771.

Selected Outcomes

Examples of desired outcomes within the major of Political Science includes the following:

1. Political science majors will possess the requisite knowledge of the American Political System, including an understanding of the structure  and process of the federal, state, and local governments, enabling them to become informed and responsible  citizens.

2. Political science majors will demonstrate knowledge of computer concepts and terminology, enabling them to  use at least two software tools, such as word processors, spread sheets, database management systems, or statistical packages.

3. Political science majors will be skilled in inquiry, logical reasoning, and critical analysis, enabling arguments, synthesize facts and information, and offer logical arguments leading to creative solutions to problems

4. Political science majors will recognize and understand issues in applied ethics. They will understand their own value systems in relation to other value systems.


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