First-Year Student Orientation Checklist

Financial Aid & Fee Payment

  • Complete & Submit Your Financial Responsibility Agreement

    Please follow this link to to complete and submit the Financial Responsibility Agreement: VSU Financial Responsibility Agreement


  • Complete & Submit Your FAFSA

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed for most types of federal and state funds.

    The preferred method to complete this application is electronically by

    Be sure to include the VSU school code: 001599

    The Spring 2021 term requires the 2020-2021 academic year FAFSA.

    For additional information and assistance completing the FAFSA:  Financial Aid Tips


  • If selected for Verification, submit additional required documents

    After submitting your FAFSA, you may need to submit additional documents or complete additional forms. This is the Verification Process.

    If selected for Verification, you will be notified via your VSU email address. 

    For detailed information about the Verification Process and how to complete it: Verification for Student Financial Aid


  • Connect with Financial Aid about Veteran's Benefits and/or Florida Prepaid College Plan (if applicable)

    Veteran's Benefits: The Office of Financial Aid at VSU is approved for veterans education benefits. For more information, visit the Office of Veteran's Affairs.

    Florida Prepaid: VSU will process your Florida Prepaid College Plan for you as a 3rd party contract. Complete the Florida Prepaid Transfer Form, which allows VSU to invoice Florida Prepaid on your behalf. For more information, visit

  • Review & Accept Your Financial Aid Awards

    Once your FAFSA (and any required verification materials) is submitted, it will be processed by the Office of Financial Aid. You are then awarded any financial aid for which you are eligible. You must review any financial aid offered to you and accept it.

    To Review & Accept Your Financial Aid Award:

    • Log into
    • Click Banner link
    • Click on Financial Aid Application Menu
    • Click on “Review/Accept Federal Loan Offers”
    • Click “My Award information”
    • Click “Award by Aid Year” and select the AUG 2020 – JUL 2021 aid year from the drop down menu
    • View and/or accept your award amount under the “Accept Award Offer” tab

    For additional information about Financial Aid: Office of Financial Aid Website

  • Pay for Spring 2021 Tuition & Fees

    Student account balances must be paid in full or covered by sufficient authorized financial aid no later than the fee payment deadline to avoid class cancellation. 


    Paying for Tuition & Fees

    • Review amount owed
      • Invoices for tuition and fees are not mailed, but provided electronically as 'e-bills' in the Online Student Account Center.
      • Invoices reflect information as of the date prepared.
      • To view ‘real-time’ account balances after the statement date and access the most current account balance, select 'View Activity'.  Select the appropriate term, if necessary.


    Description: C:\Users\cewilkes\Desktop\eBills.png

    • Access Online Student Account Center to make payments here: Online Student Account Center. 
      • Access will require logging in to MyVSU & entering your VSU username and VSU login password.
    • Payment Plan Option:
    For more information on submitting payments: How to Pay Fees

Class Registration & Textbooks

  • Complete & Submit Your MyMajors Assessment

    The MyMajors Assessment is used to help confirm your major selection and/or to help students who are exploring to discover majors at VSU.

    The program will recommend your best-fit majors that match your academic achievement, aptitude, unique interests, and preferences. Your advising team will review your assessment and utilize the information as they prepare to build your academic schedule.

    Submit your MyMajors as soon as possible.

    • Click this link to get to MyMajors: MyMajors Assessment (Click Here)
    • Click the red button under "Current VSU Student"
    • Once you have completed the assessment, if you want to come back later to review your results, you will use the "Log in here" link found on the top right of the page.

    IF AFTER TAKING THE MYMAJORS ASSESSMENT, YOU DESIRE TO UPDATE YOUR MAJOR: Select your new major on the Pre-Enrollment Survey. We will update it in the system when building your schedule.

  • Complete & Submit Your Financial Responsibility Agreement

    Please follow this link to to complete and submit the Financial Responsibility Agreement: VSU Financial Responsibility Agreement


  • Complete the Pre-Enrollment Survey

    If you are participating virtually: Following your Orientation Kickoff Webinar, you will receive a link to the Pre-Enrollment Survey in your VSU email account. You will not be able to complete it prior to that time.

    If you are attending the on-campus, in-person session on December 3: You will receive a link to the Pre-Enrollment Survey in your VSU email account at least 3 weeks prior to the session. Please complete and submit it as early as possible.

    The Pre-Enrollment Survey provides much needed information to your academic advising center. Through the Pre-Enrollment survey, we learn about your interest in  Academic Majors & Career Goals, Incoming Course Credit (via AP/IB/AICE/Dual Enrollment), and your preference for spring academic courses.

    Once your advising team has received your Pre-Enrollment Survey, they will begin building your academic schedule.

  • Receive Spring Schedule from an Advisor

    Within 3 weeks of the date you submit your Pre-Enrollment Survey, you will receive your spring class schedule from an academic advisor. This will be sent to your VSU email account. Once you receive your schedule, please review it and ask any questions that you may have at that time.
  • Learn about textbook purchase options & purchase Blazer gear at the VSU Bookstore

    When you receive your schedule, you will be able to acquire your textbooks. 

    We encourage you to learn about the various textbook purchase options even before you receive your schedule.

    Textbook purchases through the VSU Bookstore include:

     Shop our campus bookstore for all of your VSU gear: VSU Bookstore Website

  • Purchase your textbooks & Course Materials through the VSU Bookstore

    Located on the 1st floor of the Student Union, the bookstore has access to all of your textbooks.

    After reviewing the various purchase options, contact the bookstore (in-person or online) to locate the textbooks and materials required for your spring classes as indicated on your spring class schedule.

    For more information: VSU Bookstore

Housing and Meal Plans

  • If you plan to live on campus, submit your housing application

    VSU requires incoming first-year, first-time students to live in the residence halls. You must complete and submit the Housing application to begin the process.


    Housing Application Fee & Deposit: Be prepared to pay $250 housing application/deposit fee. The fee is broken down as a $100 non-refundable housing application fee and $150 housing deposit. As long as you stay in a contract with us, you will only have to pay this fee once.

    For additional information: How to Apply for Housing


  • If you plan to live off campus, submit the housing residency exemption form

    VSU requires first-year, first-time students to live in the residence halls. If you meet the criteria for exemption, you can submit a Freshman Residency Exemption Form.


    Criteria for Exemption:

    • Students with a residential address within a 50-mile radius of VSU
    • Students who are married
    • Students who are a single parent
    Additional Information on the Freshman Residency Requirement Exemption: Freshman Residency Requirement Website
  • Sign Up for Your Meal Plan

    Residential Students: Valdosta State University students who live on campus are required to have a meal plan.  Freshmen living on campus may choose from the Blazer All Access, Blazer Platinum, or Blazer Gold meal plan.

    Commuter Students: Valdosta State University students who live off campus are not required to have a meal plan, but they may purchase any Blazer Dining meal plan available.

    Review and select your meal plan option: Blazer Dining

    For additional information about meal plans: Meal Plans Webpage

Campus Life

  • Submit Photo for VSU ID Card

    Your VSU 1 Card (ID card) is used to swipe your way into your residence hall, sporting events, Campus Recreation Center, campus printers, dining services on and off campus, and so much more!

    To Upload Your Photo:

     For additional information about your VSU 1 Card: 1Card Services

  • Purchase a Parking Decal

    If you plan to bring a car to campus, you will be required to purchase a parking decal. This will allow you to park in the appropriate, designated parking areas on campus.

    Student parking permits are $50.00 (fall) $25.00 (spring) and $15.00 (summer).

    Log in to the Parking Portal: Parking Portal

    **You do not need to sign up even though it is your first time logging in.

  • Continue to Monitor Your VSU Email Account

    Campus departments and staff will continue to contact you through email during your time as a student. It is important to regularly check your email even in the time prior to beginning classes in the spring.